Sinewave Offline UPS

Line Interactive UPS

Model SH 600 SH 800 SH 1000 SH 2000
Capacity 600VA – 12V 800VA – 12V 1KVA – 24V 2KVA – 24V
Input Voltage Range 145V – 280V
Output Voltage on Mains 230V ± 10%
Output Voltage on Battery 230V ± 6%
Output Power Factor 0.6/0.7*
Output Wave Form (mains) Pure Sine Wave
Output Wave Form (Battery) Quasi Sine Wave / Sine Wave*
Output Frequency (Battery) 50Hz ± 1%
Battery Type VRLA type Lead Acid Sealed Maintenance Free / Tubular / Flat Plate*
Change over time on Battery <10 milliseconds
Battery Recharging Time 4 to 5Hrs.
Audible Noise <45dB
Interface Intelligent RS 232 Port with Software*
FEATURES Surge suppressor | Cold start on Battery | Overload Protection | Battery drain protection Offline charging
*Users’ choice **On request